Pelly Mountains, Yukon

I have taught numerous courses at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, mostly in the fields of economic geology, geochemistry, radiogenic and stable isotopes, petrology, tectonics, and field methods.

Teaching 2022-2023

  • Earth Sciences 3210 – Mineral Deposits
  • Earth Sciences 6953 – Exploration Geochemistry

Undergraduate Courses Taught

  • Economic Geology
  • Introductory Physical Geology
  • Low Temperature Geochemistry
  • High Temperature Geochemistry
  • Exploration Geochemistry

Graduate Courses Taught

  • Advanced Topics in Economic Geology
  • Exploration Geochemistry
  • Field methods.

Professional Short Courses

  • Volcanogenic massive sulfide deposits: setting, styles, alteration systems, and applications to mineral exploration.
  • Lithogeochemistry: overview of sampling, analytical methods, basic principles applied to igneous and sedimentary geochemistry, hydrothermal alteration and applications to exploration.
  • Deciphering Volcanic Rocks and their Environments with Applications for Mineral Exploration.
  • Settings and field/geochemical/spectral methods for understanding orogenic Au deposits, their hydrothermal footprints, and genesis.
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