Research Team

Current Team Members

PhD Students

Alicia Escribano, September 2020-present, Ph.D. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Role of magmatism in the formation of VMS deposits in the Victoria Lake Supergroup.

Rosie Cobbett, September 2019 – present, Ph.D. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Magmatic and tectonic record of Cambrian-Ordovician rift history of the Laurentian margin of western North America (co-supervised with Luke Beranek).

Nikola Denisova, September 2018-present, Ph.D. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Volcanic and hydrothermal reconstruction of the Kudz Ze Kayah VMS deposits, Yukon, Canada.

Matthew Manor, September 2017-present, Ph.D. (Memorial University)
Thesis Title: Bulk rock and in situ Nd-Hf isotope geochemistry of VMS-associated and barren rhyolites, Yukon, Canada.

Andrew Marcille, September 2015-present, Ph.D. (Memorial University).
Thesis Title: Geology and Geologists in Time and Place [interdisciplinary PhD program; Co-supervised with Dean Bavington (Geography) and Steve Pyne (Arizona State University).

MSc Students

Fatma Gümüş, September 2021-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Radioactive tracer isotope, U-Pb geochronology, and mineral chemistry of heavy mineral phases associated with orogenic Au deposits, Baie Verte Peninsula and their implications for the generation of orogenic Au deposits (co-supervised with John Hanchar).

Lokman Gümüş, September 2021-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Origin of IOCG deposits, Chile-Peru (co-supervised with John Hanchar).

Regan Jacobson, September 2019-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Geology and lithogeochemistry of the Powderhorn Lake VMS occurrences, Newfoundland.

Kei Quinn, September 2019-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Geology, lithogeochemistry, and genesis of the AB deposit, Palmer VMS district, Alaska.

Marko Szmihelsky, September 2019-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Geology, alteration, and lithogeochemistry of the Goldboro orogenic Au deposit, Nova Scotia.

Carly Mueller, September 2018-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University). Thesis title: Origin and genesis of the Goldenville iron formations associated with base metals and orogenic Au, Baie Verte, Newfoundland (co-supervised with Michael Babechuk).

Robert King, September 2017-present, M.Sc. (Memorial University)
Thesis Title: Provenance and S-Pb isotope geochemistry of sulfide grains in tills from SW Northwest Territories (co-supervised with Roger Paulen (GSC)).

BSc(Hons) Students

Kyra Kennedy, September 2021-present, B.Sc.(Hons.) (Memorial University)
Thesis Title: Mineralogy and Critical Metal Distribution in the Fyre Lake Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit, Yukon Territory.

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